MC-21: new test stage

Now at Zhukovsky

On October 17th 2017 MC-21 registered 73051, first prototype of Russia’s newest passenger aircraft family, performed a flight from Irkutsk to Gromov Flight Research Institute located in Zhukovsky (Moscow region).

Photo: inSKY

The aircraft’s maiden flight took place in Irkutsk on May 28th 2017. Since then JSC Irkut Corporation, the manufacturer of MC-21, has been performing the required set of static and flight tests.

Photo: inSKY

MC-21 has arrived at Gromov Flight Research Institute to perform further flight tests. After the MAKS 2017 Air Show, it was initially considered to include the aircraft in the static display of the Dubai Airshow, which will take place in November 2017. Nonetheless, in the end of September it was decided to finish all the required flight tests in first place. It is possible, however, that MC-21 will participate in the Singapore Airshow that will take place in February 2018.

Photo: Alexander Mishin

Today’s flight to Gromov Flight Research Institute has been performed by the crew under the command of the test pilot Oleg Kononenko.

Photo: Irkut Corporation

JSC Irkut Corporation does not disclose the details about its MC-21 contracts, but the current order list is believed to comprise 175 aircraft.